VDSL2-Vectoring-Netzwerke haben den vielfachen Energiebedarf von reinen Glasfasernetzwerken. Die @deutschetelekom@twitter.com hat also nicht nur auf die langsamere, sondern auch auf die klimaschädigendere Technik gesetzt. Gehört das auch zur viel beworbenen ?

I predict, that 2020s malware trend is data-selling or -publishing ransomware - "if you don't want to pay, we will publish your most sensitive data. How much are your business secrets? Can you handle the reputation damage and legal consequences?"

We have two open W3 professorship positions at the Hasso Plattner Institute/University of Potsdam. If you have an excellent record of research in a security or network-related field, feel free to apply: uni-potsdam.de/fileadmin01/pro

.org was supposed to be a Public Interest Registry - specifically designed to operate non-commercial. Now it is for sale. Why does the "domain industry" abuses its power whenever possible? savedotorg.org

I am running nodes again. While many attack vectors like wrong bandwidth advertisements got restricted through complicated vetting processes, one issue persists - Hetzner serves 20% of guard nodes, OVH 16.2% and Online 11.7%. How can we call it if three companies can control almost half of its resources? What are other cheap, tor-friedly hosters?

Just finished reading and realised, that we can only ensure human digital rights through . Especially to protect privacy and prevent censorship. If every other democratic government on earth cannot oppose the US government because of technological dependencies and military power, it is up to people to fight for liberal and and create technological alternatives.


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